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What makes Think Exam a perfect Recruiting Tool for bulk hiring?

With an increasing demand in skill sets and expertise for the job, getting hands on a quality hire out of a pool of candidates is becoming a tedious task for the recruiters. This is the reason why Pre-employability assessments are gaining popularity in the recruitment ecosystem. Think Exam is one such tool that serves the entire purpose of perfect online recruitment test software by enabling the recruiters to customize the platform according to their needs. Its user-friendly interface and innumerable advance level features makes it a must use software for recruiters.

How does Think Exam reform the hiring procedure?

Automatic scoring of assessments

Assessments are automatically evaluated as soon as they are submitted with a complete accuracy of scores.


Comprehensive test reports and data analysis

For detailed analysis of the candidate’s skills and knowledge in each of the given section the recruiters can refer to the test reports interpreted from the obtained scores.

Customizable platform

Recruiters can customize the platform according to their needs. They can select the time frame, question types and can also classify applicants according to their categories.


Increases scalability

At once the recruiters can target large pool of candidates from around the world through Think Exam. With a lag free support for unlimited concurrency Think Exam serves as a reliable online exam platform.


Different types of tests

Recruiters can create different types of tests, such as skill assessments, personality assessments, behavioral assessments and any other type of assessment that the recruiter wants to conduct.


Eliminates the chance of human errors

Recruiters are after all humans who are subject to errors and bias factor. Think Exam does not require any human interference in the evaluation procedure and by presenting factual details of candidate’s knowledge it also reduces the bias factor.


Reduces the use of logistics

With all-inclusive features Think Exam being an ultimate online examination portal, greatly reduces the expenses on logistics by covering multiple tasks at one go.


Augments hiring decisions

Think Exam is an exclusively robust online exam platform that gives recruiters the clarity to think over the results and take their decision without any complexities.



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