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Think Exam – Best Platform to Conduct Online Exam in Easiest Way

Think Exam is a platform which provides Educators, Corporate; PSU’s & Survey organizers to conduct online examinations in the easiest and best way possible. Its advanced features make it the best platform for online examination in the market.

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Features that are provided by Think Exam are:

  • It helps the user to create a test according to its needs which supports 7 different types of questions to choose from.
  • It also provides the feature of importing word and excel file directly into the portal.
  • It is a portal which runs on both web and mobile devices.
  • It has the feature which allows a coordinator to upload news, upcoming test etc.
  • From the candidate point of view, it allows them to directly ask the questions to the faculty.
  • It handles large no of concurrent users giving the test.

In total Think Exam is the solution which gives both the candidate and the faculty to have a 100% mock experience, which provides the candidate features like login, report card viewing, overall performance timeline etc.


While the faculty can create the test, either manually or uploading the content and can set the difficulty of the test.

Think Exam provides various packages available in different categories having different offerings depending on the type of need of the admin, like how many attempts they want or they want the white label feature, etc.


The user who takes the services of Think Exam has the opportunity to monetize by uploading their products which the students can buy from the portal.

So if someone wants to grow in the field of online exam so Think Exam is the ladder to the success for it.


How Think Exam Online Examination System Work:


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